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November 14, 1944
" The chairman of the Voluntary Fireman and Citizens Committee for collecting and sending Christmas Boxes to all the service men from the village reported excellent cooperation and that 20 Christmas Boxes have been sent to overseas service men and approximately 20 more will be sent to service men in the states leaving a balance to be set aside for future use."  Throughout the war years, letters from village service men were read aloud at department meetings.
August, 1947
Delivery of a 1947 International truck, with a 500 gallon per mintue pump and a 400 gallon water tank constructed by the Peter Pirsch Co. of Racine was made.  The cost: $6,870.
July 11, 1951
"After a discussion, it was decided that if any member of the department became ill, a few members should call on him."
June 8, 1954
"A vote was taken as to the preference of which brand of Milwaukee beer to sell at the picinic.  Blatz won by a unanimous vote."
December 13, 1955
The first Rescue & Utility truck for the department was put in to service.  The truck, a used dairy home delivery truck, cost $300.  Because there is not enough room in the Firehouse it was stored at Hiltgens Garage (now the Cadinet Studio) for $2 per month rent.
January 15, 1958
A new Fire Telephone system was put in to operation.  Phones will now ring at various businesses and homes in the village simultanously when a person is reporting a fire.
June 13, 1961
It was decided that a new 66' x 44' fire station be constructed on village park property off of Milwaukee Street.  It is to have four 12' overhead type doors, an office and lavatory with suspended oil heat furnaces.  It is to have 100 amp electrical service and a 2 1/2" filler pipe for filling water tanks.  The department took occupancy in June of 1962.  Cost of the 2,900 square foot building was $34,167.
July 22, 1963
The day every firefighter hopes will never happen comes to pass.  The Fredonia Fire Department responded to a barn fire on the Henry Bley farm in the Town of Belgium.  Three children (ages eight, six, and four) were trapped in the granary and perished.  Cause of the fire was a home made gas lantern built by the children.
June 9, 1964
Bids on a new fire engine were accepted.  $16,000 for a John Bean 750 gallons per minute pumper on a Ford chassis.
 April 13, 1965
A 1951 Dodge truck was purchased from the Ozaukee County Highway Department for $250.  A used 2,000 gallon tank was purchased for $300.  This combination would become the first "Tanker" truck for the Fredonia Fire Department.
 February 14, 1967
A new Rescue Utility truck was purchased for $8,100.  It had twice the capacity to store equipment as the 1947 Ford it replaced.
 February 10, 1969
"Chief Paul Meyer, Clifford Borgwardt, Milton Eisentraut to attend a meeting in Cedarburgon on February 25 at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the organization of a County Firemen's Association."  The Ozaukee County Association of Fire Departments was formed and a mutual aide contract was signed by all nine county departments.  This eliminated the fee charged for responding to a fire or rescue call for a neighboring department.
March 4, 1971
The Desota Chemical plant burned down with a loss of $500,000.  The plant (which was located adjacent to what is now Petersen Products Co. on Wheeler Avenue) was never rebuilt.